Folk Choir Pilgrimage to East Africa

Author: The Notre Dame Folk Choir

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This May, the Folk Choir will make a three-week pilgrimage to six Holy Cross Mission sites throughout Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. During this trip, the choir will encounter and walk with the people there, striving to discover and learn from the spiritual and cultural wisdom of these communities. Our aim is not to "save" the people we encounter, but to embody a spirit of openness, so that we can learn from the rich cultural and spiritual traditions that we witness. Ultimately, our goal is to broaden our lived experience of faith by striving to see the face of Jesus in all we meet on our pilgrimage.

We are asking for your prayers support as we make this pilgrimage to the Holy Cross Missions in East Africa. With the ND day Challenge Fund, your $10 gift will yield about $54 for the choir's pilgrimage.