Of Holy Women (1995)

Of Holy Women
  • 1. Hagia Sophia
  • 2. Wisdom, My Road
  • 3. Immaculate Mary
  • 4. Psalm 40
  • 5. Song of Judith
  • 6. Magnificat I
  • 7. Litany of Loretto
  • 8. The Lord's Prayer
  • 9. A Secret Garden
  • 10. Salve Regina
  • 11. O Mary of Promise
  • 12. Exodus 15
  • 13. I Sing a Maid
  • 14. Proverbs 4
  • 15. Magnificat II
  • 16. Lady in Sorrow
  • 17. Psalm 45: Atiendeme Hija / Hearken, O Daughter
  • 18. As a Wind on the Flame
  • 19. I Rose by Night
  • 20. All Will Be Well

This innovative collection of music views the sacred through the prism of feminine images, adding variety and depth to the current landscape of sacred music. Plainchant, Irish folksong, traditional and contemporary melodies, magnificats, psalms, etc., all tell the stories of women from the Christian tradition - both saints and mystics as well as heroines from Scripture. 

This collection is dedicated to all those holy women and men who have been companions on the journey. 


Steven C. Warner

Assistant Director


Christina Krakowiecki, Eileen Lauer, Shirley Luttio, Kathleen McLean, Anne M. Napoli, Leslie Palmer, Sue Petti, Jennifer Robinson, Alicia Scheidler, Leslie Anne Schneider, Anne Sullivan, Kristen J. L. Sullivan, Jennifer Tilghman, Paula Gile Trybus


Rebecca Bizup, Jennifer Boynton, Jeanne Curran, Jane Elizabeth Gray, Jennifer M. Mason, Carol S. Meaney, Amy C. Puetz, Emily Puetz, Anne Marie Salan, Julie M. Vlaming, Michelle Willingham, Genevieve B. Yoder


Patrick M. Birge, David R. Fulton, Erik Goldschmidt, Kenneth P. Laberteaux, Kenneth P. Novak, Rex J. Rempel, Chad Smock, Timmy Sullivan, J. C. Trybus


Tom Gaughan, CSC, Timothy Gonzalez, Pat Haggard, Bill Lane, Bill Mahoney, David J. Scheidler, CSC, Timothy Schorn, Timothy Seymour


Aoife Lyons, violin; Michael James, violin, mandolin; Renee M. LaReau, flute; Andrea Wong, flute; Chad Christophersen, cello; Harrison Keller, percussion; Sean M. Carroll, percussion; Nathan Warner, trumpet; Anthony R. Gangloff, bass; Steven C. Warner, guitar, Celtic harp