Prophets of Joy (1996)

Prophets of Joy
  • 1. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus
  • 2. Magnificat: My Soul Flies Free
  • 3. Rosa Mystica
  • 4. Deus Meus, Adiuva Me
  • 5. Sing! Hosanna!
  • 6. Remember
  • 7. Crux Fidelis
  • 8. Psalm 16: Harbor of My Heart
  • 9. Sleepers Awake! Christ is Now Risen
  • 10. I Have Been Anointed
  • 11. Behold! I Make All Things New
  • 12. Psalm 23: The Lord is My Shepherd
  • 13. Psalm 104: Send Forth Your Spirit
  • 14. I Received the Living God
  • 15. Psalm 126: Those Who Sow in Tears
  • 16. Jina La Bwana

Several years ago, our pontiff (Pope John Paul II) made a trip to the United States, and he prophetically warned that the world was caught up in a "culture of death." The signs surround us; peoples of the world decimalized and decimated, out of touch with the very things that bring life. The sustaining gifts all undermined: friendships, sexuality, home and family; in short, the very tap root of love. Such is the fruit of this culture. 

In watching the growth of my own faith community at Notre Dame, I have concluded that the most powerful response to this cultural malaise is not blame or anger. Rather, it is the healing power of God's love. The hushed-expectant joy of Advent, the earth-bursting-forth joy of Easter, the encompassing joy of a mother for her son or daughter, even the frantic-mob joy of Palm Sunday's entrance procession...they all find their template in the love of God for created humanity. 

Here, then, is a chance for us to share that joy with you. For all those who, whether in song, speech, or deed, announce the joy of God, we join in your anthem as this darkness is dispersed. For those who announce the joy: this effort is in your name.


Steven C. Warner

Assistant Director

Ellen Coman and Daniel Sansone


Melia N. Checchia, Megan K. Dittman, Kate Keatin, Christine Miller, Mairin Ocheltree, Jennifer Sushinsky, Ellen M. Coman, Moira Donahue, Catherine Lahmuller, Colleen Moore, Laura Portune, Julie A. Wilberding, Margaret Colleton, Susan Hoge, Dirdre McQuade, Bridget Nelson, Valerie Ann Soledad


Tara Dix, Jennifer M. Mason, Kristen O'Connor, Kelli Swinarski, Marie Wirka, Tamara LaBrecque, Mandi Lynn Moburg, Janet Paskvan, Bridget Sullivan, Amy Lashutka, Martha S. Morris, Kate Pytlak, Juliana Vodicka


Brett Boessen, Colin Huie, Frank Perez, Chad Smock, Andy Brenner, Justin LaReau, Vinny Herman, Michael Vercillo, Erik Goldschmidt, Jeff Nichols, Jonathan Schrader


Michael Carney, Michael Larmoyeux, Michael Anthony Novak, Tim Schorn, Nathan Elliot, Bryan Mason, Daniel O'Brien, Fr. Tom Gaughan, CSC, Doug McKenna, Fr. David Scheidler, CSC


Renee LaReau, flure; Jennifer L. Welde, flute; Steve Warner, guitar; Andrea Mather, oboe; Daniel J. Sandone, organ; Chrysogonus Waddell, OCSO, organ; Bryan Ball, percussion; Jon-Paul Hurt, percussion; Kristin Ahasic, violin; Michael James, violin; Kathleen LaPenta, violin; Kelli Swinarski, violin; Mary Sy, violin