Crossroads of Praise (1999)

Crossroads of Praise
  • 1. African Glory to God
  • 2. I Have Been Annointed
  • 3. Tesoros Ocultos / Treasures Out of Darkness
  • 4. Hallelujah! Pelo Tsa Rona
  • 5. Many and Great, O Lord, Are Your Works
  • 6. Come to the Living Stone
  • 7. Song of Judith
  • 8. Siyahamba / We Are Marching
  • 9. Rian Phadraig
  • 10. Jina La Bwana
  • 11. All the Earth
  • 12. Christ, Be Near at Either Hand
  • 13. How Can I Keep From Singing?
  • 14. I Love the Lord

One of the great joys of being the director of the Notre Dame Folk Choir is introducing young people to the distinctive beauty of the world's cultures as they sing the praises of God. This prayerful dialogue with God is great, as witnessed in the cultural outpourings of the nations: the uninhibited dance of African rhythms, the melodic lilt of Irish music, the romantic exuberance of Spanish ballads, the noble simplicity and yearning of Native American song. Of whatever faith, we can rejoice in the differences, embrace them, and not be divided by them. 

The music on this album celebrates some of the remarkable styles available to the Church at the dawn of the third Christian millennium. In every word we sing, may the voice of our Creator be heard as we praise the living God with gladness.

Steven C. Warner, May 1999


Steven C. Warner

Assistant Director

Karen Schneider-Kirner


Beth Buckingham, Melia N. Checchia, Kelly C. Kingsbury, Leslie Anne Malito, Kelly Lynn Perry, Kaileen Sanner, Samantha Snyder, Christina Castrillo, Margareton Colleton, Kelli Lovell, Deborah L. Patton, Jacquelyn Posek, Megan A. Samson, Megan Chandler, Christina E. Fitch, Shawna Rose Madison, Maria Elena Perez, Jeni Rinner, Danielle Rose Skorich


Tiana Checchia, Marie-Therese Mansfield, Rita Scheidler, Leah Thomas, Carolyn Weir, Alicia Coronas, Kristen O'Connor, Amy Seamon, Angela Torma, Maura Malloy, Elizabeth Petruska, Kelli Swinarski, Juliana Vodicka


Michael A. Barranda, Andy Herman, Jeff Nichols, Christopher Shipley, Michael B. Wurtz, Nicholas J. Fellers, Rick Johnson, Vince O'Connor, Peter Sweeney, Stephen Gillespie, Justin LaReau, Garrett Reuter, David Swinarski


Matthew R. Altman, Brian LaBine, Daniel O'Brien, Fr. David Scheidler, CSC, Nathan Elliot, Tim Lyden, Joseph Olegario, Joshua B. Warner, Jon-Paul Hurt, Ryan Murray, Anthony R. Perri


Daniel Tonozzi, cello; Karen Schneider-Kirner, keyboard, piano, organ; Jennifer Welde, flute; Steven C. Warner, guitar; Andrea Mather, oboe; Christina E. Fitch, percussion; Kevin J. Fleming, percussion; Jon-Paul Hart, percussion; Kelly C. Kingsbury, percussion; Deborah Patton, percussion; Daniel Tonozzi, percussion; Joshua B. Warner, percussion; Jennifer Welde, percussion; Kathleen E. LaPenta, flute; Diana Simone, flute; Danielle Skorich, flute