The Seven Signs (1999)

The Seven Signs
  • 1. You Have Put on Christ
  • 2. I Am the Vine
  • 3. Love is His Word
  • 4. Set Your Heart on the Higher Gifts
  • 5. Christ, Be The Word
  • 6. The Lord's Prayer
  • 7. Come to the Living Stone
  • 8. Come All You Blessed Ones
  • 9. Arise, My Love
  • 10. Psalm 137: Jerusalem
  • 11. Psalm 138: In the Sight of the Angels
  • 12. Song of Ruth
  • 13. Happy Those Who Feast on Wisdom
  • 14. Coventry Litany of Reconciliation
  • 15. All Will Be Well
  • 16. Holy Manna
  • 17. Be Still, and Know That I Am God

Sacraments are the great bookmarks in the story of our life. How significant it is, then, to be conscious of these bookmarks, these thresholds, as we move from one chapter to the next, trying to become more fully aware of the deepening love relationship with our God.

As Catholics, we name seven of these chapters: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Ordination, Marriage, and Anointing of the Sick. But the template of these seven great moment can be found gently laid upon the most ordinary of days. 

In this recording, we sing of these chapters: moments of birthing and dying, of brokenness and healing, moments of commitment to ministry of wedded life, moments of being nourished at a generous table. May our songs enhance those of the Church, moving all of us toward a greater understanding of Her witness.

Steven C. Warner, Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, January 10, 1999, University of Notre Dame


Steven C. Warner

Assistant Director

Karen Schneider-Kirner


Beth Buckingham, Michele Dachtler, Kelli Lovell, Maria Elena Perez, Kaileen Sanner, Samantha Snyder, Melia N. Checchia, Christina E. Fitch, Shawna Rose Madigan, Jacquelyn Posek, Megan A. Samson, Sarah Van Ermen, Margaret Colleton, Kelly C. Kingsbury, Deborah Patton, Jeni Rinner, Danielle Rose Skorich


Tiana Checchia, Mandi Lynn Moburg, Katie Pytlak, Amy Seamon, Angela Torma, Alicia Coronas, Kristen O'Connor, Michelle Rubner, Kelli Swinarski, Juliana Vocicka, Tara Dix, Elizabeth Petruska, Rita Scheidler, Leah Thomas, Carolyn Weir


Michael Barranda, James Foster, CSC, Rick Johnson, Jeff Nichols, Roberth Sudduth, Kevin C. Brown, Nicholas Fellers, Scott Kirner, Vince O'Connor, David Swinarski, Justin Dunn, Andy Mathias Herman, Justin LaReau, Christopher Shipley, Michael B. Wurtz


Matthew R. Altman, Ryan Murray, Anthony R. Perri, Nathan Elliot, Daniel O'Brien, David Scheidler, CSC, Brian LaBine, Joseph Olegario, Joshua Warner


Daniel Tonozzi, cello; Jennifer Welde, flute; Ron Rendek, classical guitar; Kevin C. Brown, clarinet; Steven C. Warner, guitar; Andrea Mather, oboe; Christina E. Fitch, percussion; Kathleen LaPenta, percussion; Deborah Patton, percussion; Joshua Warner, percussion; Karen Schneider-Kirner, piano; Chrysogonus Waddell, OCSO, piano; Kathleen LaPenta, violin; Diana Simone, violin; Angela Tonozzi, violin; Caroline Tonozzi, violin

The University of Notre Dame Handbell Choir, under the direction of Karen Schneider-Kirner: Ann D. David, Scott Kirner, Heidi A. Winker, Christina E. Fitch, Deborah Patton, Jennifer Woyach, Amy C. Jongeling, Brett J. Perkins, Sean P. Zeigler