Witness of the Saints (2003)

Witness of the Saints
  • 1. Christ Has No Body Now But Yours
  • 2. Escucha! Put It in Your Heart
  • 3. Ask a Question of the Earth
  • 4. I Will Run the Race
  • 5. I am the Wheat of Christ
  • 6. Behold! I Make All Things New
  • 7. Senor, Hazme un Instrumento
  • 8. Run with the Light of Christ
  • 9. Make of Our Hands a Throne
  • 10. Hail Holy Queen
  • 11. Lead, Kindly Light
  • 12. An Irish Blessing

For the past forty years, composers of the American Catholic Church have been diligently crafting a new repertoire to meet the demands of the vernacular expression of our faith. Those labors have yielded rich rewards - in psalmody, hymnody, and ritual music - deepening the sacramental expressions of our life in Christ.

For all of this, there is still rich, new ground to celebrate in music: in part, the words, prayers, and poems of those heroes and heroines whom we honor as "saints." Their words provide a marvelous window to the passionate witness of these men and women. From the early catechetical writings of Cyril of Jerusalem to the deeply poetic encouragement of John Cardinal Newman; from the prophetic stance of Ignatius of Antioch to the urgent, intimate words of Our Lady of Guadalupe - this recording brings together a truly universal collection of Catholic thought, and through the vital expression of the Notre Dame Folk Choir, celebrates all of it in a festival of variegated song styles.

This recording is dedicated to Rev. Richard V. Warner, CSC, for is decades of service to the curch: as pastor to the people of Chile, Superior of the Indiana Province of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Director of Campus Ministry, and Counselor to the President of the University of Notre Dame. 


Steven C. Warner

Assistant Director

Karen Schneider Kirner


Kara E. Alworth, Emily Daley, Kathi Jo Jankowski, Molly Powers, Laura Sech, Margaret Bernardin, Nichole Dugan, Chelsea Marie Madison, Lauren Elizabeth Price, Theresa Sherman, Devon Candura, Katherine Hakenewerth, Natalie Martinez, Lauren Prieto, Quinn Smith, Angela Chiappetta, Danielle Humphrey, Jeanna Palmer, Emmeline Schoen, Michele Dachtler Warner 


Mary Beth Asmussen, Gretchen Graff, Carrie Lett, Erin K. Riley, Mary Willoughby, Nicole Bernal, Lindsey P. Horvath, Jennifer Lyden, Karin Soby, Tessa Garcia, Kelly C. Kingsbury, Amy Pavela, Renee Stroncek, Laura Gleim, Mary Kingsbury, Lisa R. Pendarvis, Erica Williams


Tom Anthony, Kevin Haley, Joseph Nava, Eric Buell, KC Kenney, Joshua C. Stagni, Tommy Curtin, Jim Lee, Nicholas Tonozzi, Sean Dudley, Spencer McSorley


Alan Ahles, Zachary Linnert, David J. Scheidler, CSC, Tim Callan, TJ Pillari, Tom Smith, Greg Celio, Michael Riess, Peter Sweeney, San Yup Lee, Timothy Ruggaber, Paul VanLeeuwen


Grace Choi, flute; Alexa N. Puscas, violin; Nathan Warner, trumpet; Jennifer Lyden, percussion; Joshua Stagni, percussion; Jaime Cortez, auxiliary percussion, vihuela, six-string guitar; Kelly C. Kingsbury, orchestral chimes, auxiliary percussion; Zachery Linnert, auxiliary percussion; Lisa Pendarvis, auxiliary percussion; Lauren Elizabeth Price, auxiliary percussion; Steven C. Warner, guitar; Karen Schneider Kirner, organ, piano; Chrysogonus Waddell, OCSO, organ; Brittany N. Payeur, violin; Noelle T. Thorn, cello; Ron Rendek, classical guitar