Psalms of the Notre Dame Folk Choir (2006)

Psalms of the Notre Dame Folk Choir
  • 1. Lord, Who Shall Be Welcome: Psalm 15
  • 2. I Shall Live in the House of the Lord: Psalm 23
  • 3. Cry Out to God in Joy: Psalm 66
  • 4. The Lord is Compassion and Love: Psalm 103
  • 5. From the Depths: Psalm 130
  • 6. O Praise the Lord, Jerusalem!: Psalm 147
  • 7. Have Mercy on Me: Psalm 51
  • 8. Within the Wings of God's Embrace: Psalm 91
  • 9. All the Ends of the Earth: Psalm 98
  • 10. Harbor of My Heart: Psalm 16
  • 11. Let Not Your Hearts Be Hardened: Psalm 95
  • 12. I Rejoiced When I Heard Them Say: Psalm 122
  • 13. We Are Fed By the Hand of the Lord: Psalm 145
  • 14. I Lift My Hands: Psalm 141
  • 15. Justice Shall Flourish: Psalm 72
  • 16. My God, My God: Psalm 22
  • 17. May the Gracious Care of the Lord: Psalm 90
  • 18. God Goes Up With Trumpet Blast: Psalm 47
  • 19. Here I Am, O God: Psalm 40
  • 20. Jerusalem: Psalm 137
  • 21. Send Forth Your Spirit, O Lord: Psalm 104
  • 22. Reprise: I Lift My Hands

The psalms are the bedrock of the Church's musical prayer. Within the structure of the Mass, the psalm is "an integral part of the liturgy of the Word and holds great liturgical and pastoral importance, because it fosters meditation on the Word of God" (GIRM #61). Psalms have rightly become the starting place for many composers of liturgical music who desire to place their gifts in the service of the community. 

Psalms of the Notre Dame Folk Choir is an anthology of responsorial psalms, a broad retrospective of Steve Warner's offerings as a pastoral musician, along with a setting by his son, Nathan, and one fo this mentor, collaborator, and friend, Chrysogonus Waddell, OCSO. It reflects the diversity of style and attention to craft in which Steve has committed twenty-five years - as a campus minister at the University of Notre Dame, as director of the Notre Dame Folk Choir, and as a published pastoral artist. most especially, this collection serves as a model for shaping the liturgical repertoire of a worshipping community, in this case the faculty and staff, the generations of young men and women, and the thousands of pilgrims who visit Notre Dame every year. 

Like its earlier recordings, this CD is a snapshot of the voice of the Notre Dame Folk Choir. Whether students or graduates, mentors or amateurs (in the best sense of the word!), they continue to offer energetic, pastoral musicianship to Notre Dame assemblies. In doing so, its collective voice has extended far beyond the University to events and communities around the world.

When one is around the music-making of this remarkable choir, the ensemble's contemplative spirit and clarity of commitment to gospel living shine forth. The music is only the vehicle through which the members' experience of Christian life and ministry is shared with each other, in order to pray and share it with others.

The spring of 2005 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Notre Dame Folk Choir. It is my hope that alumni will listen to this collection and be reminded of a formative time in their lives, lives rich in academics, spirituality, and pastoral work. And to the rest of the Church, listen closely; it wil be the best "meditation on the Word of God."

Blessings to you, Steve Warner and the University of Notre Dame Folk Choir. May you see many more years of service!

Gary Daigle


Steven C. Warner

Assistant Director

Karen Schneider Kirner


Meg Auer, Allison M. Beyer, Martha Calcutt, Jennifer Cimino, Talia M. Daly, Kristen S. Lynch, Natalie Martinez, Leilani A. Miller, Martha E. Noble, Erin M. O'Shea, Lauren F. Prieto, Emily Sladek, Michele Dachtler Warner


Emily B. Andreas, Caitlin Cameron, Allison M. Giovinazzo, Dyana S. Guthrie, Laura E. Hamman, Kathryn Huntler, Kelly C. Kingsbury, Jessica Mannen, Marie-Therese Mansfield, Ashley Anna Mason, Jennifer M. Mason, Jennifer A. Radelet, Allison S. Willems, Erica Williams


Michael J. Bogdan, Jr., Eric William Buell, Jack Calcutt, Sean Dudley, Normand J. Gouin, Cory Irwin, Michael McKenna, Joseph Nava, Joshua Stagni, Nicholas A. Tonozzi, Michael Vanden Boom


Thomas Curtin, Mark A. Hahn, Matthew Hughes, Blair Mancini, Dominic Pepper, Michael Eric P. Quisao, Patrick Thornton, Andres K. Valenzuela, Paul VanLeeuwen


Steven C. Warner, guitar, Celtic harp; Ron Rendek, classical guitar; Karen Schneider Kirner, organ and piano; Karen Draho, flute; Lydia Szeligowski, violin; Ailis Tweek-Kent, violin; Noelle Tiana Thorn, cello; Andrea Mather-Stow, oboe; Nathan Warner, trumpet; Kelly C. Kingsbury, percussion; Joshua Stagni, percussion

The Notre Dame Handbell Choir, under the direction of Karen Schneider Kirner:  Andrew Bunikis, Trevor Cickovski, Andrew Schwei, Kelly Kingsbury, Jessica Mannen, Lauren Prieto, Joshua Stagni, Katie Hunter, Paul VanLeeuwen